Rural Water

The City of Emporia Water Plant currently supplies water to five rural water districts and two cities within Lyon County. Although the Emporia water plant supplies water to the different districts each individual district is responsible for maintaining their own systems.

The following is a list of the districts and the operators in charge of the system:

ruralCoffey County Rural District #2
Operator: Rodney Breeze : 620.437.7044
Average Monthly Usage: 2,809,983 gallons

Lyon County Rural District #1
Operator: Warren Shown : 620.794.3904
Average Monthly Usage: 4,703,450 gallons

Lyon County Rural District #2
Operator: Barry Cunningham  : 620.342.3807
Average Monthly Usage: 3,112,116 gallons

Lyon County Rural District #4
Operator: Phillip Cooper : 620.341.0038
Average Monthly Usage: 1,733,283 gallons

Lyon County Rural District #5 (Admire, Allen, Americus)
Operator: Dennis Wiley: 620.794.5913
Average Monthly Usage: 4,018,283 gallons

City of Olpe (sells to Lyon County #3)
Operators: Jim Brinkman : 620.475.3330 (Lyon County 3);
Dean Hermesch : 620.343.5482 (Olpe)
Average Monthly Usage: 2.322,841 gallons

City of Hartford
Operator: Roy Black : 620.343.5271
Average Monthly Usage: 1,405,833 gallons

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